Auctions & Boutiques

Two of the highlights of every National Specialty are the Live and Silent Auctions.  The Specialty Committees never miss in bringing a wide range of really fabulous items, ranging from vintage PWD items to vacation getaways.  The bidding can get quite competitive and exciting, making these events something you won’t want to miss!  The Auctions are also a vital part of helping fund the many extras that make a National memorable.



Boutiques are a unique part of each Specialty where our very own members show off their handmade wares and where Regional Clubs offer their special PWD items for sale.  Only PWDCA members or Regional Clubs selling Portuguese Water Dog related art, crafts, literature, and training equipment are sold at the Boutiques.  Items are original designs and/or hand-crafted items.   Come take a look and support our members and regional clubs. 


 The Basket Raffle
The Basket Raffle is one of the fun traditions at the National Specialty.    Thanks to generous clubs and individuals - beautiful gift baskets are available.  Past baskets have included Water Gear, Wagons, Dog Toys, Bourbon and more!  This year - beat the crowd and win a basket at one of your events!  Watch for these!  And be sure to save lots of money for tickets at the Banquet….when the basket extravaganza will be held!