Boutiques are the special part of a Specialty where our very own members show off their handmade wares and where Regional Clubs offer their special PWD items for sale. Boutiques will be held on two nights (Monday and Thursday) and your fee includes both nights.

This item is just for those who plan to sell on Boutiques Nights. Buyers attend for free but bring your wallet and cash for some great PWD items. Some boutique stores are not set up for credit card sales, so don't be disappointed...bring green!

Please note: Only PWDCA members or Regional Clubs selling Portuguese Water Dog related art, crafts, literature, and training equipment should sign up for Boutique space. Items should be original designs and/or hand-crafted items.

Cost:     The fee is $50 to reserve a table & chair as a Boutique vendor.

Deadline:  09/08/2021


Email: Susan Higginson

Boutiques Vendor Order Form

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