Conformation of Catalog Ad Order

Thank you for purchasing a catalog ad. How do I submit my ad?

All ads must be submitted to Janet Boyd, Catalog Coordinator ( Questions, please e-mail or phone Janet (425-308-9576) weekdays between the hours of 10:00AM and 6:00PM CDT.


You may send your text and photo materials to Janet Boyd and the ad will be created based on your layout instructions or you may send a camera ready ad.


Be sure to provide the following information for all ads: Submitter’s name, address, e-mail address and phone number where the submitter can be reached on weekdays from 10AM – 6PM CDT.


All e-mail questions and submittals should state the subject "PWDCA Specialty Catalog Ad". If acknowledgment or reply to e-mail isn’t received within 3 business days of sending, contact Janet Boyd to confirm receipt.


What type of photos/file formats are accepted?


Photos: Photo resolution for JPEGs and scanned photos is 600 dpi. Please indicate whether a full photo should be used or if it should be cropped for a dog. If no instruction is included, full photo will be used.


Digital files may be e-mailed or sent on a USB drive. Preferred formats are PDF, JPEG, PSD or Word Document.



Reproductions from show catalogs, telephone books, business cards, etc. can result in POOR QUALITY and are not guaranteed.


For the best results, send ORIGINAL or HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Low- res digital images or computer printouts can result in poor quality reproduction.


Be sure all photographs, artwork, etc. are labeled. DO NOT BEND, FOLD, TAPE or STAPLE.



All catalog printing is done offset.



  1. For Layout ads: Your ad will be prepared according to the written instructions you provide. In your instructions be sure to include placement of the photo, if any, in relation to your text.


  1. For camera ready ads: Ads must be the exact dimensions for the size desired (see below). In


addition to an email or disk copy of your ad, Janet will need a printed copy of your ad by July 23, 2021. Any questions, please contact Janet.


PLEASE MAIL A HARD COPY of the ad to: Janet Boyd, Catalog Coordinator

3644 Ray Street


Hokes Bluff, AL 35903

Janet must receive all hard copies by August 1, 2021.