Rainbow Bridge 2021 

A Special Remembrance

As we celebrate the beauty and achievements of our active PWDs each year, we also take time to recall the love and grace of our departed ones—those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We want to honor all our wonderful companions who have crossed the Bridge since the last Specialty, including the special ones we couldn’t embrace last year. 

Although we would love to give everyone an unlimited amount of space, this is just not possible.  Displays for each PWD will be limited to an approximately 11-inch x 17-inch "cloud" displaying photographs, personal stories, warm thoughts (written), poems and the information requested below.

Deadline:  September 6th, 2021


Gretchen Diether-Haake
770 Wagon Ridge Dr
Fenton, MO  63026

You may also be cc'd Julie Asbed at hattrickpwds@gmail.com

**The memorial clouds are yours to take with you when you leave the Specialty, or have a friend bring it home for you.

***Previously unclaimed Rainbow Bridge Clouds are brought to each Specialty so that you may take yours home.  There are no unclaimed clouds (2008-2019).